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CrowdStrike's incident response (IR) and proactive services teams play a crucial role in helping organizations mature their security postures and stop a breach should one occur. These services are architected to enable organizations to react quickly and effectively to a cybersecurity incident. Customers also benefit from the ability to implement a range of proactive services designed to improve their overall cybersecurity readness.

To perform this work, CrowdStrike Services brings together a team of security professionals from intelligence, law enforcement and industry; architects and engineers from the world's best technology companies; and security consultants who have spearheaded some of the world's most challenging intrusion investigations. This team makes extensive use of the CrowdStrike Falcon platform, delivering groundbreaking endpoint protection, enabling realtime incident response, detailed forensic analysis and threat intelligence to ensure no threat goes undetected. CrowdStrike Services excels at helping organizations plan for, respond to and prevent damage from a wide range of security incidents and advanced cyberattacks — and importantly, it helps them defend their organizations against future attacks.

CrowdStrike’s incident response and proactive services can be used individually or in combination with each other, and can be covered by a retainer. The retainer is flexible: If you find there is no need for CrowdStrike IR services, you can use your available retainer hours to take advantage of other proactive services, all of which are focused on helping to improve your overall security posture.

The CrowdStrike Advantage:

Proven Human Expertise + Adversary Intelligence + Unrivaled Hunting + Superior Technology

Proactive Services:

Advanced Persistent Threat Protection & Proactive Security

Anticipate threats, prepare your network, and improve your team's ability to stop breaches. Wherever you are in your security planning process, CrowdStrike Proactive Services can improve your ability to withstand sophisticated targeted attacks.

Anticipate. Prepare. Improve.

Prepare to defeat the adversary
CrowdStrike Services works quickly, using our experience and our Falcon Host platform to get to remediation and stop the breach--fast. And we help organizations before the breach, too. Our proactive engagements leverage our incident response experience to prepare you to stop the next attack before it starts.

Security Questions

What Proactive Service should you choose?

The adversary evolves--you must as well. In order to determine where you should start, consider asking yourself the following three questions. If you can’t answer a question, you should consider the corresponding proactive service engagements to start you on the path to defeating your adversary.

Three key questions lead to the engagement that provides immediate value:

Is My Organization Mature?

After determining whether there is an immediate issue at hand, most organizations want to understand how mature their cybersecurity program is compared to their peers and to general best practice. The question of whether you are mature speaks to your ability to detect, prevent, and respond to a targeted attack. It also provides answers on whether you have supporting documentation to enable consistent capabilities across the environment.

Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment
In this assessment, we examine your current security processes and conduct interviews to determine where you are today and where you should be—then we show you how to get there. Simply, this offering will help you understand how well prepared you are to deal with a targeted attack.

Incident Response Policy and Playbooks
In this offering, we help you improve your incident response operations by standardizing and streamlining your processes. We’ll also analyze your current plans and capabilities, then work with your team to develop standard operating procedure "playbooks" to guide your activities during an incident response. Whether starting from scratch or improving upon what you already have, let us help you establish key policies and playbooks that will immediately advance your response capability maturity.

Am I Ready?

For organizations with a clean environment who believe they have a mature incident response capability, the final question to ask is - am I ready? Let our consultants put your team to the test in either a hypothetical scenario-based discussion or an actual hands-on-keyboard attack. Use these engagements to raise awareness or as training exercises.

Tabletop Exercise
During a tabletop exercise, we guide your organization—both executive and technical participants—through a targeted attack scenario and uncover the gaps that only arise when an actual incident occurs. The tabletop provides the experience of a targeted attack in a much more compressed timeline, without the associated costs.

Adversary Emulation
Using actual adversary , tactics, techniques, and procedures, our consultants conduct a simulated attack and attempt to compromise your organization. We then recommend how you can improve your security to prevent an actual adversary from entering your environment and accessing assets and data.

Am I Breached?

You want to ensure that your company’s name is not on the front page for a data breach. Rather than waiting for an external party to tell you that you have a problem, get ahead of the situation and answer the question yourself - have you been breached?

Compromise Assessment
The value in this assessment is not only knowing if you have an advanced adversary in your network, but also determining who that adversary is. Additionally, CrowdStrike provides recommendations on how to improve your security posture to eliminate insecure processes and prevent targeted attackers from gaining a foothold in the future.

What makes us different?

Integrated Intelligence

From uncovering adversary motive and tactics, to predicting likely attacks, the unrivaled CrowdStrike Threat Intelligence capabilities play a critical role in all proactive services.

Customized Offerings

One size does not fit all. We offer proactive services that address the threats to your organization, providing you with the best protection for your most valuable assets.

The Result?

  • Prioritization of resources based on actual risk
  • Implementation of effective detection measures
  • Comprehensive security strategy that actually prevents damage

Incident Response Service:

Detect, contain and recover from cybersecurity incidents with speed and precision

The CrowdStrike Incident Response (IR) team brings control, stability and organization to what can be a confusing and chaotic situation. Given the current threat landscape, most organizations will likely encounter a cyber incident, at some point that they will have to respond to and manage effectively. The speed, efficiency and experience with which you are able to respond to an incident is critical for avoiding catastrophic losses that can total hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in direct and indirect costs associated with a breach.

The CrowdStrike IR team works collaboratively with organizations to handle critical security incidents — resolving immediate issues and implementing a long-term solution to stop recurrences. The IR team takes an intelligence-led, teamwork-driven approach to investigations, blending real-world incident response and remediation experience with cutting-edge technology via the unique, cloudbased CrowdStrike Falcon® platform. Falcon allows the team to identify attackers quickly and precisely, eradicating them from your environment. CrowdStrike’s methodology and approach covers all aspects of incident response, including detection, investigation, containment, recovery and reporting along with lessons-learned. The team is laser-focused on getting your organization back to business faster and reducing the impact of a cyber incident.

CrowdStrike Incident Response Service provides the following benefits

  • Technology
    The scale and efficiency of the Falcon cloud-native platform allows us to identify attackers quickly and precisely and eject them from the environment.
  • Experience and Expertise
    CrowdStrike recruits only the best from the world of cybersecurity, incident response and digital forensics, resulting in a team with unrivalled expertise and skills.
  • A Strong Partnership
    CrowdStrike adopts a tailored approach, partnering alongside your team to develop a response and remediation plan that balances the business and security needs of the company.
  • Positive Outcomes
    The IR team helps you deal with the latest attacks, extracting lessons-learned to improve your security posture going forward.

The CrowdStrike Approach

Don't leave the door open for additional data loss by spending months of time conducting forensics and analysis

CrowdStrike's approach leverages endpoint technology and threat intelligence to pinpoint the cause and source of an attack quickly, significantly decreasing time to remediation.

  • Get Complete Visibility
    Quickly gain visibility into the full incident, lock down credentials, and limit access.
  • Leverage Threat Intelligence
    Understand who is on your network and why, to improve your response to current and future attacks.
  • Start Remediation on Day One
    Don’t wait for days or weeks for equipment to arrive — get back to business faster.

Why CrowdStrike Services?

CrowdStrike’s next-generation IR approach, coupled with leading endpoint protection technology and integrated threat intelligence, provides better protection and faster remediation.

  CrowdStrike Other IR Firms

Remediation planning and execution begins on day one.

What Does This Mean For You?

You can accelerate recovery time and begin remediation at the start of an engagement. Easily deployed cloud-based technology and integrated threat intelligence provides incident details on day one.


Remediation planning leads to the development and delivery of plans, without mention of time to execution

What Does This Mean For You?

Your remediation may need to wait until after equipment has been shipped, technology has been deployed, a full investigation has taken place, and a comprehensive remediation plan is delivered, considered, and implemented.


CrowdStrike Falcon provides endpoint visibility and real-time Indicators of Attack (IOA) within moments of starting an investigation.

What Does This Mean For You?

You do not have to wait to deploy hardware. On day one, CrowdStrike Falcon allows you to lock down credentials and limit access to prevent additional damage from taking place during the investigation.

Other IR firms often leverage hardware-based technology that relies on time-intensive IOC scanning.

What Does This Mean For You?

You have access to endpoint data only after hardware has been deployed and scans have taken place. Endpoint visibility is a snapshot in time versus a continuous real-time view of your network activity.


CrowdStrike’s integrated intelligence provides context and attribution during an investigation – letting you know the why, what, and when.

What Does This Mean For You?

Your remediation plan leverages detailed threat intelligence of 70+ adversary groups. Indicators are broadly shared during an engagement and in-depth intelligence is available through CrowdStrike Falcon and to our expert consultants — empowering you to better protect what matters most and to prioritize your security resources and efforts.

Threat intelligence provides identification of attack groups — allowing for prioritization during an incident response engagement.

What Does This Mean For You?

You have access to identifying information regarding attacker groups, but the lack of detailed attribution information leaves methods and motives in question. Intelligence allows incident responders to prioritize and investigate suspected incidents, but indicators are not widely shared.

Key Capabilities

  • Real-time IR: When an incident occurs, speed to remediation is critical. CrowdStrike’s IR methodology and the Falcon platform provide many advantages over traditional IR approaches. CrowdStrike gets your organization back to business faster — in days or weeks, rather than months and reduces the impact of a cyberattack, resulting in the following benefits:
    • Accelerates time to visibility and remediation, resulting in lower forensic costs
    • Reduces business interruption losses by getting the organization back to business faster
    • Minimizes adversary impact by limiting adversary dwell time
  • Experience and expertise: The CrowdStrike IR team has worked on some of the world’s most significant cyber investigations, and members are constantly burnishing their skills and expertise as they help organizations battle advanced threat actors.
  • High quality, high business value: CrowdStrike’s technology and methodology, combined with superior skills and experience, allow the team to respond and resolve incidents faster and more efficiently. The result: less hours incurred and lower costs to you.
  • A tailored approach: CrowdStrike partners with your team to develop a response and remediation plan that takes into consideration your operational needs as well as your existing investments and resources. This ensures a thorough investigation and allows the team to develop a highly customized remediation action plan that balances the business and security needs of your company.
  • Positive outcomes: CrowdStrike documents the team’s findings and strategic recommendations for improving your security posture. These recommendations are tailored to your existing technology environment and designed to balance your security and business goals. As expert IR and intelligence analysts, the services team can approach these findings from a unique perspective, providing a prioritized list of suggested changes that will enhance your ability to detect, respond to and actively defend against even the most advanced and motivated attackers.

Key Incident Types Covered

  • Intellectual Property Theft
    This includes the theft of ideas, inventions, creative expressions, trade secrets or other sensitive information in attacks often conducted by sophisticated statesponsored actors.
  • Financially-Motivated Crime
    Business email compromise, payment card theft, extortion / ransomware, cryptojacking and others are examples of this type of attack.
  • Destructive Attacks
    These can be anything from damaging, targeted malware deployed by sophisticated adversaries, to nuisance malware designed to cause business disruptions.
  • Data Breaches
    This includes the theft of personally identifiable information (PII) that could potentially expose an individual or a customer of your business.
  • Insider Threats
    These are malicious threats to an organization made by people from within the organization, such as employees, former employees, contractors or business associates.


4 Steps to Successful Incident Response

CrowdStrike Services helps you respond quickly and effectively, getting you back to business faster. These are CrowdStrike's key steps to successful incident response, keeping customers safe and stopping breaches.


Download the CrowdStrike Services Datasheet (.PDF)

Download the CrowdStrike Proactive Services Datasheet (.PDF)

Download the CrowdStrike Incident-Response Service Datasheet (.PDF)

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