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CrowdStrike Falcon for Mobile
Mobile Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) for iOS and Android

Falcon for Mobile: Mobile Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Falcon for Mobile detects threats to iOS and Android devices, providing real-time visibility into cyber attacks — eliminating blind spots that lead to breaches


The Industry's First Endpoint Dettection And Response (EDR) Solution For iOS and Android

CrowdStrike Falcon for MobileMobile devices have completely changed the way employees work — providing instant access to business-critical applications anytime and anywhere. The increasing volume of business data stored or remotely accessed by enterprise mobile apps greatly elevates the risk of malicious activity and accidental data exposure by trusted employees.

Security and IT teams are not equipped with the tools they need to keep business data safe and personal information private. Unified endpoint management (UEM) solutions have been available for years, but they don’t address core security concerns, and mobile threat defense (MTD) solutions have been slow to catch on — that’s why a new approach is needed.

Falcon for Mobile™ builds on CrowdStrike’s proven endpoint detection and response (EDR) technology, enabling security teams to detect malicious activity as well as unwanted access to sensitive corporate data. Realtime detection capabilities eliminate the time and complexity required to identify mobile threats, such as communication to known malicious servers, high-risk device configurations, unauthorized apps and more. Falcon for Mobile provides the visibility you need, while protecting user privacy and eliminating the blind spots that lead to breaches

Key Benefits of Choosing Falcon For Mobile

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Falcon for Mobile identifies vulnerable devices and detects malicious and unwanted activity on business-critical mobile apps

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Gain insight and enable mobile threat hunting with real-time visibility into app activity to help eliminate mobile malware and the risk of silent failure

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With the CrowdStrike Falcon platform you can secure your mobile devices via a single solution that also protects workstations, servers and cloud workloads.


Android Features

  • Application Shielding exposes mobile malware, insider threat and accidental data exposure with comprehensive monitoring of app behavior

  • Detect vulnerable devices and sophisticated kernel, boot level and operating system exploits

  • Prevent insider threats with policies to disable cut and paste, screenshots and inter-app access

  • Threat Intelligence integration automatically detects bad apps, hashes, domains and IPs

iOS Features

  • Uncover mobile malware and sophisticated attack techniques such as “memory trampolines” in critical system code

  • Gain visibility into WiFi, Bluetooth and network connections and expose spoofing and network interference

  • Automatically detect malicious IPs and domains with integrated threat intelligence

  • Detect vulnerable devices including jailbroken devices, non-compliant configurations and outdated iOS versions
iOS Features
Seamless Adoption

Seamless Adoption

  • The Falcon for Mobile apps are extremely high-performance with near zero effect on battery life and network bandwidth

  • A quick QR activation process enables immediate activation and protection
  • Leverage your UEM investment to deploy, configure and manage apps protected by Falcon for Mobile

  • Falcon for Mobile delivers privacy by design, monitoring only designated corporate apps without tracking text messages, email or browsing history

Key Product Capabilities

Protects Against the Rising Tide of Mobile Cyperthreats

  • Mobile threat detection: Gain instant visibility into advanced threats on iOS and Android devices to protect sensitive corporate data. All detections are mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK for Mobile framework for enhanced visibility and rapid remediation. CrowdStrike Threat Intelligence integration enables Falcon for Mobile to detect blacklisted hashes, domains and IPs.

  • Enterprise application behavior monitoring: : Monitor app behavior to detect malicious or unwanted activity in business-critical mobile apps. On Android, CrowdStrike’s exclusive dynamic application shielding technology provides enhanced monitoring of enterprise apps, further protecting sensitive corporate data and intellectual property

  • Proactive threat hunting: Enable security teams to proactively hunt for threats on mobile devices. Search through telemetry such as mobile network activity, clipboard actions and peripheral connections to identify anomalous and malicious actions.

Extends EDR to Mobile Devices

  • Unified endpoint threat detection: Falcon for Mobile is built on Falcon Insight™, CrowdStrike’s industry-leading EDR solution. Telemetry from traditional endpoints is presented alongside telemetry from mobile devices to enable rapid, comprehensive security incident investigations. Detect threats across your enterprise — from mobile devices to the data center.

  • Single platform: Falcon for Mobile is fully integrated with the CrowdStrike Falcon platform. The Falcon lightweight agent technology is ideal for mobile devices, and CrowdStrike’s cloud-native platform provides the perfect conduit to manage and administer mobile endpoints.

  • Privacy by design: Falcon for Mobile monitors only designated corporate apps with no monitoring of personal applications on the device, including text messaging, email or browsing history

Easy to Deploy

  • Easy enrollment and activation: A simple two-step QR activation process allows users to quickly self-enroll and activates the Falcon for Mobile app, providing immediate protection.
  • Seamless mobile management: Use existing enterprise UEM solutions to deploy, configure policies and manage apps protected by Falcon for Mobile.

  • Lightweight app: Apps for iOS and Android are extremely high-performance and lightweight with near zero effect on battery life and bandwidth usage of a device


Download the CrowdStrike Falcon for Mobile Datasheet (.PDF)